Transatlantic Australasian Retroperitoneal Sarcoma Working Group

A collaborative group for Surgical Oncologists and Sarcoma Professionals

Shradda Patkar

Dr. Shraddha Patkar is an Associate Professor of Surgical oncology and a consultant in the division of Hepatobiliary & Retroperitoneal surgery at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.

Tata Memorial Centre is also the single largest centre treating retroperitoneal sarcomas in the country.

Her special interest includes surgery for gall bladder cancer and retroperitoneal tumors.

She has recently started a dedcated retroperitoneal tumor clinic at Tata Memorial Hospital to help standardize treatment guidelines for retroperitoneal tumors.

She has been invited for lectures in India and abroad and has published papers in indexed national and international peer reviewed journals. In addition, she has contributed to numerous book chapters.


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